My Dogs! ^^

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Doggies ^_^

From left to right: Beyonce, Chii and Nicky


Twitter and Sina Twit

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I know, Haven’t been active for so long. but don’t worry ppl I’ll continue uploading stuff to this blog.

Now, You can follow me at this 2 places too! ^_^

Twitter follow me @meimei4ever

And this is my Sina Twit (所有的人可以关注我啊)



Fangirl mode

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MJ waxwork

It’s been already 2 weeks since the KING OF POP (physically) passed…

and i just found out that my love for him is bigger ( i mean HUGE) comparing to TVXQ… how come?… Dunno. I couldn’t believe it at first til’ people told me so… i guess one can never forget  their very best 1st crush O_o … sorry TVXQ guys but the KING is the KING and the rest are just followers, i still love you though (but not as much as i thought).


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Well guys i just wanted you to write about me … exactly the things your love and hate, so please GO TO The  Mei’s Corner Tab.

New hobby O_o?

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Right… since i have so many accounts i decided to start a new Hobby… so you might wonder what is this all about?
well guys.. i’ll try to become a blogger! … what for?

Dunno!… there’s no special reason.. or maybe there is ? (too much free time)
ahh.. 怎么办?

and to save time my I´ll write (copy/paste) the same things in every single blog i have!, so u guys will know whose blog it is Wink.

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