[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 150516 Friends Share Photos with Private Kim Jaejoong!

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The handsomest soldier alive ~~


JYJ3’s Note. Private Kim Jaejoong’s Friends visited him at his 55th division. ^^

June Shin (june.shin1) Instagram Update:

[PHOTO] 충성!!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
#김재중 #면회 #첫면회 #55사단 #JJ https://instagram.com/p/2u7f1wy3-c/

[TRANS] Loyalty!!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
#Jaejoong #visit #first_visit #55th_division #JJ

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[TRANS] 140930 Park Yoochun…dominating as far to overseas sales

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■ The evolution of Hallyu stars onscreen

‘Haemoo’/‘Sea Fog’ starring Park Yoochun, twice the average of South Korean films

Park Yoochun expanded his stage onto the big screen. Building up recognition all over Asia earlier as a member of an idol group, he is proving his popularity once again through the movie he starred in.

‘Sea Fog’ starring Park Yoochun was sold to five countries: Japan, France, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore; before its opening domestically. In particular its selling price in Japan became known to be approximately two times higher than the average for existing South Korean films. Actually, local distributor Twin Company had even spoken about the background: “We have great expectations for Park Yoochun’s first movie”.

Source: Sports Donga
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
Shared by:JYJ3

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[OTHER TWITTERS] 130724 Supportive Messages for JYJ Regarding FTC Injunction

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My lovely little brother Jaejoong, adorable Yoochun, and charming Junsu, endure the hardship for now and let’s show that you have the competence for broadcast. It’s a happy day. I want to see you on television soon. JYJ, fighting!

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[NEWS] 130717 ] JYJ’s Kim Junsu crowned the ‘King of Performances’, will mobilize 50,000 people in August alone

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XIA (Junsu), a member of the popular group JYJ, has been crowned the ‘King of the Performance World.’

On the 16th, JYJ’s agency CJeS Entertainment stated that XIA (Junsu)’s Seoul and Busan concerts for his 2nd solo album have all been sold out.

CJeS Entertainment stated, “After selling out 18,000 seats for his Seoul concerts, 14,000 tickets to Junsu’s Busan concerts were sold in the first round of ticketing.” and “The nine performances of the musical ‘Elizabeth’ which feature Junsu have been sold out, totaling 20,000 seats sold. For August alone, Junsu has set a grand record of mobilizing 50,000 people.”

Additionally, a representative from a ticketing site has revealed, “He has astonishing potential. It is already incredible that even though August is an ‘off-season’ for musicals, he sold out his shows as soon as ticketing began. What’s more amazing is that he sold out his Seoul and Busan concerts…

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[NEWS] 130620 Junsu talks about his new album and JYJ’s friendship through new pictorial for ‘Marie Claire’

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JYJ’s Junsu will definitely leave you wanting more with his solo pictorial for ‘Marie Claire‘ magazine!

Junsu gazed into the camera with his sharp eyes, defining the word charisma, as he promised fans that JYJ is in this for the long run through the interview held.

Junsu shared, “I believe that the past 10 years was a time of a learning for me through which the direction of my life will be shaped for my 30s and 40s. I want to be a singer that stays true to my own colors and even as I age, I continue to do music that the generations ahead want.”

“Even as time passes, the JYJ members will remain as good friends who have grown even stronger in our friendship. 

The singer also revealed a bit of info about his upcoming release as he said,“Compared to my 1st album, my 2nd album…

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[VIDEO + TRANS] 130311 Kim Jaejoong’s LINE Chat

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[VIDEO + TRANS] 130311 Kim Jaejoong’s LINE Chat.

Happy New Year!

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British Food.. why its bad reputation??

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I’m just wondering why people think British food is so bad?.. based on what?


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Added to TVXQ’s  tab

Music videos section

  • KIM JAEJOONG – I’ll Protect You
  • HoMin – B.U.T
  • TVXQ – Wrong Number dance ver.


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Added to TVXQ’s tab

Music videos section

HD  JYJ – In Heaven 1080p


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